How to Beat the Urgent Care Lines and Get No-Wait Health Care Right Now
Avoid the long wait times at urgent care. Discover how to get no-wait health care at TheMediCentral. Learn valuable tips and tricks in our latest article.

How to Beat the Urgent Care Lines and Get No-Wait Health Care Right Now

Some seasons are busier than others, but why are there always long lines at Urgent Care? It seems like no matter when you go, you still have to wait for hours to be seen, which really defeats the urgent part of the equation. If you’re not a fan of waiting for hours in an enclosed room with sick people all around you, then you need to know something.

You can get the same quality attention to your health care matters as Urgent Care, without waiting in line. It’s the same breakthrough technology that some DMV’s are using to reduce foot traffic and long lines.

Imagine getting a phone call, text, or email for when your appointment is, then accessing medical professionals to help you diagnose and treat your condition. A care worker stays with you throughout your stay so you’re not shuffled around, or ignored. Plus, you get your labs while you’re still at the medical facility, when possible, so that you can get a clearer picture and better treatment with every visit.

Sound like a better way? It is. Read more to find out how you can get it for yourself, covered by insurance.

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Why Are There Lines At Urgent Care?

With all of our modern technological innovations, especially in healthcare, you would think that the broken system of waiting in line for hours while sick or injured, surrounded by other sick people, would be a thing of the past. It’s common sense to not surround yourself with other sick people, if you need care.

Yet urgent cares are using the same system of check-in as the medieval times. You check in and give your name, then wait in a room full of people until it’s your turn.

But behind the scenes, the urgent care staff aren’t overly taxed on time. They simply have a process to rush people in and out, trying to address one simple thing at a time. This leads to drastic inefficiencies, where you wait for hours, only to be rushed through a system designed to quickly diagnose you without proper care and testing first, which is inconvenient, dispiriting, and dangerous.

In their rush to get people through the system, some facilities are still prescribing antibiotics before they have a diagnosis, which is bad medicine. It can lead to antibiotic-resistant infections and a patient resistance to important and life saving medicine.

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Lines – Reimagined

At TheMediCentral, we started our approach to patient-centered care with the very first thing you experience, waiting. Blending modern technology and systems organization into a more functional appointment manager, your wait time at our facilities is minimized to as little as possible.

Here’s what we do different:

  • Schedule an appointment, even for right now
  • We let you know when to come in, so you don’t have to wait
  • A medical provider stays with you throughout your journey
  • We offer same day lab and test results whenever possible
  • We follow up to make sure you get a clear and accurate diagnosis
  • You leave with a diagnosis and treatment, whenever possible

We also offer telemedicine from the convenience of your own home and care pods at your local pharmacy.

Experiencing our close to zero waiting time in line is part of our approach to making sure you’re actually getting care when you need it. We aim to deliver your test results and diagnosis the same day, which means not having to come back in for another appointment.

It’s one of the many differences that makes TheMediCentral more than just the best health care. We’re a reimagined doctor’s visit that puts you, the patient, first.

How Much Does TheMediCentral Cost?

Another reason we focused on efficiency (like limiting your wait in line) is because we’re able to provide better service and a more efficient use of our staff. Because of our concierge-style approach, some people assume we would cost a small fortune.

TheMediCentral is covered by most insurance types, and offers competitive pricing and payment plans for people who don’t have insurance. We want you to have peace of mind throughout your stay and afterwards.

Despite the similar costs between outdated urgent care and The MediCentral, we offer a higher value. Get in quicker, stay with your medical professional, find a diagnosis and get medicine if needed.

If you’re looking for the best patient-focused health care throughout New Jersey, then come visit us at TheMediCentral. Experience medical care where someone actually cares.

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