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You Deserve To Be Cared For With A Patient-Centric Focus

Technology is evolving at lightning-fast speed – yet your visit to the doctor’s office hasn’t embraced this shift. It makes you feel like you’re just another problem waiting in an overcrowded office… another box to check off a very busy to-do list.


You deserve medical care where someone actually cares. We’ve reimagined your doctor’s office visit to become a concierge personalized experience.

From a mobile visit to your home or office to convenient care pods at your local pharmacy, to our clean, modern offices where a care provider stays with you throughout your visit.

Our Revolutionary Approach Is Redifining Your Medical Experience

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You Deserve To Be Cared For With A Patient-Centric Focus

Our technology-assisted staff stay with you from start to finish so that you get the care you need faster, better, and more efficiently. It’s cutting-edge technology defining the future of doctor’s office visits.

Our Revolutionary Approach Is Redifining Your Medical Experience

We offer you the best healthcare on your terms, where medicine meets technology.

Traditional Urgent Care

  • Long Waits
  • Handed Off To Multiple Personnel
  • Same Slow Methods
  • Slow or No Test Results
  • Multiple Visits For Same Issue
  • Higher Copays
Lower Copays
Faster Care
One-Provider Concierge Experience
Expedited Test Results & Follow Up

Your Medical Care – Where And When You Need It

At MediCentral, we began with a vision where you could access medical services faster and easier by using technology for what it’s supposed to be used for, convenience – plus more importantly, have your health care provider actually listen and see you.

A dedicated care technician that accompanies you throughout your visit makes for shorter wait times, and more accurate testing and diagnosis, plus it just feels good to know there’s someone looking out for you.

You shouldn’t have to go out of your way to miss work or make multiple trips to a hospital and a pharmacy. That’s why we put our care pods right into pharmacies and offer mobile services that come to your home or your work.

It’s better healthcare how you want it, where you want it. You know, like it should be.

Your Medical Care – Where And When You Need It

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What does it feel like to receive 4.9-star healthcare?

  • I had a good experience. The staff are very friendly and helpful

    Rosmery Munoz
    10 January, 2023

    The experience from beginning to end was much more than I could have expected. Never been to a doctor or clinic where I didn’t have fill out allot of forms. The staff was very pleasant. And the chair was so comfortable I could of fallen asleep on the spot. And in and out in less than 30!minutes.

    Christian Ruiz
    17 January, 2023

    Such an amazing experience at the MediCentral! Such a clean and hygienic facility with advanced medical equipment. Dr. Wasserman took her time and answered all of my questions. This is by far the best urgent care I’ve ever been to.

    Amanda Da Silva
    17 August, 2022
  • Arlene and Nioni are great. So is the doctor on the screen. Clean and very efficient service.

    Betty Schwartz
    24 January, 2023

    Went Into medi-central for an office visit. 2nd time there and, just like the first visit, was an amazing experience. Clean location and the staff is great. Friendly, helpful and quick! Cannot recommend it enough if you need to get seen.

    Steven Gottlieb
    17 January, 2023

    This was my first time going to the Medi Central. I was impressed that they were using the latest technology. The doctor was pleasant and thorough she took a lot of time with me. The medical assistants were very nice. The office was very clean. Definitely returning, if I could give this facility 10 stars I would.

    Diane Cross
    28 August, 2022

The Future Of Patient Care Is Your Enhanced Doctor’s Office Experience

When you’re at your most vulnerable, you need someone who cares about you more than ever. In addition to cutting-edge technology and top-notch medical care, we offer innovative thinking in how you’re treated – from the moment you set foot through our door, to the smile on your face as you reflect on a visit where you were really seen and heard.